Voorheesville Middle School

432 New Salem Rd.
Voorheesville, NY 12186

Side-by-side photos of students. In one photo, students are holding books. New reels show BIRDS in action.
10 students stand around a handmade poster that says "Don't bully. We are a community."
Voorheesville basketball team with blackbirds jerseys on. Coach is in group photo. Center player holds basketball.
Sixteen members of middle school Builders Club under tree.
Six middle school students dressed as historical figures. One is holding a bible; another is holding a lantern.
We're hiring bus drivers. Click to learn more.
New Reels Show BIRDS in Action 2023-24
VCSD Mix-It-Up Day for slider
VCSD Blackbirds basketball team for slider
VCSD Builder's Club 2023-24 for slider
VCSD Character Day for slider 2023-24
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