About Us

We are Voorheesville Central School District. We are also referred to as Voorheesville Central School, VCSD, and the Home of the Blackbirds.

Welcome to our community

Choosing a community in which to live is one of the most important decisions a family can make.

Community can be defined as a sharing of common characteristics, talents, and interests. The sharing that has made our school district a community didn’t begin or end with different events or activities — it is something that is ongoing and continues to thrive on a daily basis. The interests we share are our school district, its children and the common characteristics of concerned people working together throughout the year by participating in school events, school board meetings, volunteer activity in classrooms, adult education courses, recreational and humanities events in our schools.

Community implies a give and take relationship, and regardless of our position in the Voorheesville community, whether we are parents, teachers, senior citizens or non-parents, it is our children that bind us together. They are our future and they are the reason why we work to provide the level of excellence in education found here in the Voorheesville community.

The Community

The Community had its beginnings as a railroad town along the Albany-Schoharie Railroad. In 1826, the Village of Voorheesville built its first school on a ¼ acre lot with a budget of $30. Once this area was dependent upon agriculture and small factories for its economic base. Most of the employment opportunities now exist in the Albany, Schenectady, and surrounding suburban areas. The district is 39 square miles in size and lies entirely within Albany County, mainly in the Towns of Berne, Guilderland and New Scotland. Even though the district is located within a short distance of major highways, rail and air transportation networks, it enjoys the peace and tranquility of the Helderberg Mountains where opportunities for outdoor recreation activities abound. Several cultural and educational centers are nearby including: New York State Theater and Museums, Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Proctors Theater, and the Times Union Center. There are local and professional sports teams. Sixteen local colleges and universities offer a wide range of educational opportunities.

2022-2023 enrollment study projects continual growth over 5-10 years

The Voorheesville School Community continues to show growth and will continue to grow over the upcoming years. That’s according to the findings of an enrollment study performed by the Capital District Regional Planning Center (CDRPC). The CDRPC is a regional planning resource serving the Capital Region. It provides objective data analysis, trends, economic forecasting, and other services to all the region’s municipalities. This study looked at demographic multipliers, 20-year enrollment trends, housing data, and trends in birth rate, to provide the district with a conservative understanding of projected enrollment. The process of looking into these factors started in 2020 and will be reevaluated yearly. Please use this link to view the full study.  If you are having trouble accessing the report please contact the district office at 518-765-3313.

District Goals

Goal 1

The Voorheesville Central School District will provide enhanced opportunities to support the achievement of all students as they increase their capacity for learning and progress toward excellence.

Goal 2

The Voorheesville Central School District will support the recruitment, training, and retention of a highly qualified and diverse staff.

Goal 3

The Voorheesville Central School District will be a faithful steward of the community’s financial commitment to public education and will be responsible in managing all resources.

Goal 4

The Voorheesville Central School District will foster trust and engagement through open two-way communication, outreach, and responsiveness to all internal and external stakeholders.

Goal 5

The Voorheesville Central School District will provide a safe and supportive learning environment and facilities that are inclusive, nurturing, and responsive to the social-emotional and mental health needs of all students and staff.

Farm to School Initiative

Farm to School, commonly referred to as F2S, is a program that helps children learn where their food comes from, how it is grown, and offers hands-on experiences with it, in turn making them more likely to accept new foods into their diet. Farm to School utilizes strategies that are designed to motivate and empower students to make healthy choices.


  • Local Harvest Program (district-wide)- showcases a different locally grown produce item on the school menu each month
  • Chefs Move to Schools Program (district-wide) – chefs adopt a school to work with; our school has been adopted by Chef Brian Molino of Mazzone Hospitality Group
  • NY Farm to You Fest (district-wide) – a weeklong celebration of local food and agriculture
  • Good Eats, The F2S Healthy Snack Program (K-3rd Grade) – a hands-on exploration of local food
  • NYAIC Ag Literacy Week (2nd Grade) – In celebration of National Agriculture Week, volunteers throughout New York State will read a book with an agricultural theme to second graders. Students and teachers will also benefit from hands-on lessons and receive follow up activities.
  • Squash Hunger Program (2nd/3rd Grade) – work with local farmer, Richard Ball, to learn about farming, squash and giving back to the community.

Farm to School Initiative goals include:

  • Continued integration of Blackbird Paradise as an outdoor classroom
  • An increase in the number and types of fresh, local foods served in the school
  • Discussions with teachers and school administrators to work toward an integrated curriculum focusing on nutrition, science, biology, math, social sciences and local community resources
  • Continuing and enhancing farm field trips and farm education that explores local economies, biological systems, local environmental issues and the holistic connection that links food, health and the environment
  • Hands on food preparation and taste-tests featuring fresh, local foods