Food Services


ES September 2021

MS/HS September 2021

Free Breakfast and Lunch

VCSD will be providing free breakfast and lunch throughout the 2021-2022 school year to all students.

This is the free & reduced price school meals/milk application form for the current school year. It is also available in each school building.

Other Meal Prices

There is a charge, however, for second meals, à la carte items, snacks, and beverages.

  • Please be sure your child has money for these items as they are not part of the free meal program and are not allowed to be charged.
  • We will be handling cash and checks. Checks can be made out to VCSD Food Service.
  • Any questions, please reach out to Paul Franchini by the email or phone number listed under contact information on this page.

Payment Information

MySchoolBucks is a secure, easy-to-use online system that allows parents to create and monitor food service accounts for their children.

Once logged in, parents can view information specific to their children and the food service accounts, including a 90-day history of food purchases and how much money is left in the accounts. Parents may also deposit money directly into their children’s accounts using a charge card or debit card. Parents will need their child’s student ID number to register on the mySchoolBucks website.

The mySchoolBucks payment system works like a debit plan (but without a debit card) meaning users deposit money into an account and the cost of each meal is deducted from the account. Parents and staff can deposit as much as they want into the accounts, but there is no discount for paying in advance.

Visit the mySchoolBucks website for more information on the payment system and mySchool Bucks accounts.

If you have questions about mySchoolBucks, please contact Paul Franchini.

Prohibition Against Meal Shaming

The Board of Education recognizes that, on occasion, students may forget to bring meal money to school.  To ensure that students do not go hungry, but also to promote responsible student behavior and to minimize the fiscal burden on the district, all district schools shall follow guidelines with regard to meal charges.

  • Once a student account is negative, only regular meals may be charged, that is, only the type A meal on the menu.  No student shall be denied a regular type A meal regardless of the account balance.
  • No snacks may be charged once an account is negative
  • A computer-generated point-of-sale system shall be used for identifying and recording all charged meals as well as collected repayments

This policy applies to all paying students whether they are paying full-price or reduced-price.  Students with a negative balance of at least two meals will be immediately notified by the building administrator or designee regarding the status of their accounts.

The school district shall send notification to all parents on an annual basis, prior to the opening day of school, notifying them of the requirements of this policy.

The District shall maintain a system for accounting for charged meals that follows state guidelines.