Parent Portal

Welcome to the Clayton A. Bouton High School and Voorheesville Middle School Parent Portal homepage.

The Clayton A. Bouton High School and Vooheesville Middle School are pleased to offer to parents access to student information through an online portal. The objective of this effort is to increase student success by increasing the level and quality of communication between parents and teachers. This parent portal is fully integrated with our student management system, eSchooldata. Parents will have access to electronic versions of the most recent report card  as well as current gradebook information.

In order to access the parent portal please complete the following steps:

  1. Check the internet browser that you are using. The parent portal will be best viewed in Google Chrome.
  2. Use this link to go to the actual parent portal sign in page: It may be helpful to save this page to your favorites.
  3. Login using the credentials provided to you by the Principal’s office.
  4. Users will have to create a password on their first log in. It should have 6 characters with at least one number. Users will also have to agree to the terms of use for the website.

Questions regarding login procedures and account management can be directed to your child’s  HS Guidance Counselor at 518-765-3314, ext. 202, or MS Counselor at ext. 420.

If you are a parent of a middle school child and you need to request your Parent Portal information, please fill out the following Google Form.  Please click here.

Navigation Tips

  • After you first login you will be directed to a page that shows the students associated with the login account as well as school announcements and a log of the account activity. Click on a student’s name to view their records.
  • Click on the “Report Card” tab to view the most recent copy.
  • Click on “Gradebook” then “View Gradebook Assignments” to view student progress in classes. You will have to select the Marking Period you are interested in using the pull down menu.
  • Use the “Class List” menu to choose the course information you would like to review.
  • Once you are looking at the gradebook for a specific course the following terms appear in the top row.
    • MP Grade (Marking Period Grade) – This is the final grade that prints on the report card for the selected marking period. It will not show any value until the end of the marking period.
    • CMPA (Cumulative Marking Period Average) – Average of previous Marking Period Grades. (Average of MP1, MP2 etc.)
    • MP Avg (Marking Period Average) – A running average based on grades entered in gradebook for the selected marking period.
    • Report – Teachers may choose to produce summative reports that show student performance. Those will be available here.
  • As necessary, teachers may choose to make comments about specific assignments or a student’s performance on an assignment. These comments will be flagged with a “dialog bubble.” Click on the icon to read the entire comment.

Tech Resources for Parents/Guardians/Students

For Parent Portal technology guides, click here.