Empowering Student Voices: Student Government to Contribute to School’s Instagram Account


VCSD is launching an initiative to amplify student voices on the district’s Instagram account. As part of this program, members of the Student Government Club will have the opportunity to craft and share engaging social media posts, giving students a platform to share their school experiences with the community. 

Superintendent Frank Macri says it’s a natural extension of lessons that are happening in classrooms.

“This project stems from a commitment to fostering inclusivity and strengthening the connection between the school district and its student community,” explained Macri. “Our students’ voices matter; this initiative ensures their perspectives are heard and valued.” 

During the initial meeting for the project, club member Allie Giglio said she hopes to tell a wide variety of stories that will make all students feel seen.

“Our high school has students involved in many different things,” said Giglio. “Often, the students heavily involved in athletics aren’t aware of what the drama club students are doing, and vice versa. We want to tell everyone’s stories so we can all connect.”

Gladd believes the experience will significantly benefit the students.

“Students will practice expressing their ideas effectively,” said Gladd. “By connecting with their peers and the wider community, they will get a glimpse into the world of public relations, which is a valuable asset for future leaders.”

The students involved will receive guidance and all posts will undergo review to adhere to the district’s social media standards. Macri, Gladd, Secretary to the Superintendent Jessica Tabakian and Public Information Specialist Diane Donato will work with the students. 

Macri says he expects this innovative project to evolve. As it begins, those who follow the VCSD Instagram account should look for the following emojis  or the hashtag #StudentVoice that will be used to identify Instagram posts created by members of the Student Government Club.