Lessons of Resilience and Teamwork: Modified Football Team Celebrates Undefeated Season

Group photo of modified football team.

The VCSD Modified Football Team is celebrating an undefeated season. Coach Michael Stuart says the achievement is the result of a lot of perseverance.

“Our team did their best to improve every day and competed hard week in and week out,” said Stuart. “The program had big wins over the course of the season thanks to some clutch kicking, a stout defense and an offense with big play potential.”

Stuart says the players learned essential lessons along the way.

“Most importantly, we learned what it means to be a Blackbird football player – to give effort, to complete, to pay attention to detail and how we act on and off the field.”

While it was the students’ performance on the field that earned them an undefeated season, Stuart says the achievement is the result of a community effort.

“Congratulations to our modified football team and cheerleaders!” said Stuart. “We couldn’t have done it without the awesome support of our parents and school community.”