From Campus to Career: VCSD Graduate Shares Job Success Story

ChrisZautner on the job at Package One.VCSD recently received an update on graduate Chris Zautner’s career success. Through a partnership with Capital Region BOCES, Zautner attended the Manufacturing and Machining Technology program and graduated in 2019. Now, he is employed with Schenectady manufacturer Package One.

ChrisZautner on the job at Package One.“Because of the (BOCES) manufacturing program, I was able to get a job right out of high school, move out of the house, not rack up debt and make good money. I couldn’t be happier,” the Clayton A. Bouton graduate stated.

 Zautner started work at another area manufacturer and then transitioned to Package One, where he has found a “home.”

“The job is very rewarding. You get to meet the customers and work with engineers and take pride in what you do,” he said.

 Zautner is one of several graduates of the manufacturing program who has found success given the skills they were taught and the burgeoning demand for skilled workers in the industry.

 Michael Visk, Vice President of Sales at Package One, said graduates like Zautner make a real difference for their business:

 “BOCES has given us a competitive edge that is unmatched in the industry,” Visk said.

 Package One’s Joel Lape seconded that praise. 

ChrisZautner on the job at Package One. “We love to see guys that have been through the BOCES program because they have the experience needed; they are more technically skilled than other new hires,” he said.

 Students in the Capital Region BOCES Welding and Metal Fabrication program learn American Welding Society standards and earn certifications that prepare them for a career in a multitude of industries, ranging from welding and steel to manufacturing.

VCSD students attending BOCES programs gain expertise and prepare for careers in Automotive, Building Trades, Electrical, Fashion, Nursing and more. With an emphasis on hands-on learning, juniors and seniors are mastering skills for in-demand careers.

Guidance and advisement on course selection, academic programs, and career planning are offered between ninth and twelfth grades through the VCSD Counseling Department.