Voorheesville School District: Academic Excellence at Every Level

Voorheesville Central School District is recognized for its commitment to academic excellence, earning high rankings by U.S. News and World Reports for its elementary, middle and high schools.

High School Achievement

Clayton A. Bouton seniors stand together.
Clayton A. Bouton seniors were also recognized with National Rural and Small Town Award from the College Board.

The U.S. News Best High Schools rankings encompass data from nearly 25,000 public high schools across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The rankings are based on schools that have exceeded expectations in math, reading and science state assessments, excelled in college-level exams, and have high graduation rates, among other factors.  

Clayton A. Bouton High School has again earned accolades in the report, ranking as the second best high school in the Albany Metro (Capital Region) division. U.S. News gives Clayton A. Bouton a national ranking of #541 in the College Readiness Index and #613 in the College Curriculum Breadth Index. The report highlights the 80% student participation rate for Advanced Placement coursework and exams. It’s worth noting that the most recent data from the New York State Education Department shows the school’s graduation rate at 99%.

Middle School Accomplishment

Students engaged in learning activities.The district’s middle school also stands out in the report. Out of 1219 N.Y. public middle schools reviewed for the report, it secured a noteworthy #246 ranking. The school’s proficiency rates are well above average, with a #121 ranking in mathematics and a #180 ranking in reading. These rankings reflect the middle school’s dedication to ensuring students have strong literacy and math skills. 

Elementary Excellence

The district’s elementary school ranked #366 out of 2211 elementary schools in New York.

Child stands next to a science fair display about the planets for sliderIn math proficiency, it ranks #155, and in reading proficiency, it ranks #347 statewide. These rankings highlight the district’s commitment to providing a solid foundation for its youngest learners.

“These reports collectively demonstrate our strong foundation,” Superintendent Frank Macri said. “Without our comprehensive academic and social-emotional programs at the elementary and middle schools, we wouldn’t see this level of success at the high school. We’re a community that invests in our students; seeing them thrive is a pleasure.” 

The U.S. News and World ranking shows that the Voorheesville School District excels at every level, from elementary to high school. These rankings and performance metrics testify to the administration and faculty’s dedication to preparing students for successful futures.