About Voorheesville Elementary

Welcome to our school!

The Voorheesville Elementary School is dedicated to high academic standards while nurturing the total child. With the support of a knowledgeable administration, faculty, and staff, our students will be better prepared to participate in the 21st century.

The curriculum is regularly analyzed and updated to keep current with the latest academic research. The school’s results on the Grade 4 English Language Arts (ELA) and Math Exams given by the State Education Department are indicative of the rigors of the academic program and the teamwork of parents, teachers, administrators and staff.

Voorheesville Elementary School consistently scores in the top 10 of all the schools in the Capital Region. Each classroom has five computers with Internet access and e-mail. There is a science lab and computer lab that classes use weekly.

Special subjects (art, music, physical education, library) are 45 minutes in length and further enhance the total program. All classes are considered an integral part of the child’s total education. Chorus and Band begin in fifth grade and 90% or more of the students participate in one or both of these performing groups.

The Voorheesville Elementary School believes parents play an important part in their child’s education. Ninety-five percent of parents attend Open House annually in September, and all parents conference with their child’s teacher in November. The PTA helps to support various activities such as the Drama Club, the Elementary School Yearbook and the Fun Festival. A school Improvement Council, made up of administrators, teachers, staff and parents meets monthly.

Elementary School Documents

Elementary School Activities

Intramural Sports, Student Council, Fifth Grade Band and Chorus, Drama Club, BOCES Spelling Bee, Activity Nights and Science Fair.


Regular attendance is extremely important to the success of each child in school and the parents’ role in attendance is vital. Whenever possible, outside appointments for children should be made during hours when school is not in session. We particularly discourage taking children on vacation during regular school days. Parents teach responsibility by insisting that children attend school when classes are in session. Although work can be made up, the classroom time itself can never be substituted.

Absentee Call In Procedure

On any day your child is not attending school or will be late to school, parents must call the elementary school office, 518-765-2382 ext. 514, no later than 9:00 a.m., to report the absence. You may leave a message on the voicemail. If we have not received notification from home, parent(s) of absent children will be contacted by the school for verification.


Teachers should receive a written excuse for each child’s absence or tardiness. This will be kept on file the entire school year. It should be sent in with the child immediately upon his/her return to school. It should include: the date(s) of absence/tardiness, the reason for absence/tardiness, and the parent’s signature. Please do not include any other messages to the teacher on the excuse.