Safe Snack Procedures

VCSD works to ensure a safe environment for all students. We rely on our school community to help us maintain a safe space where all students can feel comfortable.

Keeping classrooms and common areas safe for students with severe food allergies while providing affordable food options for all students has been a balance we are striving to maintain. Working with our community partners and using guidance provided by Section 5451-R of school board policy, we have developed procedures at the elementary school to reduce the risk of exposure to the most common allergens, such as peanut/tree nut, eggs, wheat, dairy and gluten.  

School Procedures

  • All classrooms will continue to be peanut/tree nut free (No snacks that include peanuts or tree nuts on labeling may be brought in with your student. Please be mindful of the packaging labels. If labels say “processed with” or “may contain” nut products, those snacks should not be brought in.)
  • The cafeteria is an allergen-safe area. Students with common allergens may sit in the upper cafeteria if they prefer to do so. 
  • All specialty areas, such as the library, art room, music room and gymnasiums, are allergen-safe spaces.

Student Procedures

  • Students must bring snacks to school in their original packaging.
  • Students may not share snacks. Each student will have their own snack.
  • Students may not bring homemade/baked goods into school.

VES encourages the use of fruits and vegetables as healthy snack options. The Safe Snack List can help guide district families in making choices that will help protect all students.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to bring concerns about food allergen safety to the school nurse or Principal Jeff Vivenzio. Additional health resources may be found on the VCSD Health and Wellness page.

Additional information

Households that are managing food allergies may find the following links helpful:

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