Soaring Higher Together: Introducing BIRDS Motto and Video

VCSD is unveiling a new motto to reflect the values of the school community: BIRDS – Be Inclusive, Responsible, Determined, Strong. Superintendent Frank Macri says the meaning of the BIRDS motto came from the students themselves. 

“In the spring of 2022, the District Advisory Committee (a shared decision-making group composed of staff, students, and parents) began looking at our district beliefs and guidance statements,” said Macri. “We quickly realized that there was no codified overarching message that followed the students from elementary to middle school to high school. The group elicited student feedback to create a message that exemplified our students’ beliefs and our district’s mission.”

A We are the BlackBIRDS! video was created to help explain what the concept means to students and staff. For example, Director of Athletics and Dean of Students Joseph Sapienza discussed how the logo exemplifies what the district wants to instill in every student.

“It’s a good opportunity to have a school and community philosophy that everyone can get behind,” Sapienza said. “If every student that walks across the stage with a diploma internalizes the individual words in the slogan, I think we would have a better culture in our school district.”

Grade 5 student Habiba gave an example of how the motto can guide action.

“If you’re playing at the playground and there’s a buddy bench, if somebody’s sitting there, you could ask them if they need anybody to play with,” she said. “And then that’s how you can be inclusive.”  

Throughout the coming year and years to come, VCSD will utilize the BIRDS concept in the classroom and at community events.