Mr. Murray

The Bugler Junior

written by Henry Seymour

Mr. Murray is one of the teachers that have been here at Voorheesville the longest.  

He is an amazing hard-working teacher. He very much enjoys his classes. I personally believe that knowing about such a great teacher will help students appreciate school and their teachers to the point where they can truly embrace the importance of learning.  

I was interested in this and decided to interview Mr. Murray. First, I started by asking him how he plans what the students in his class do each day. He replied well, “I make plans over the weekend and change them according to the classes’ needs.”   

Next, I asked him if he really loved teaching and he said, “ I have al-ways loved teaching and went to college for it and I really love every class.”  

The last question I asked was how he pictured himself as a teacher and he replied saying that he thinks he is a very good teacher.  

Mr. Murray had some very wonderful insight and I thought he was very nice and honest.