Counseling Department Reaches Out with Back-to-School Tips

Emojis showing various emotions.

Back-to-school season brings all kinds of emotions. The VCSD Counseling Department works with parents and guardians to help students navigate this momentous time of year and is sharing this resource created by

  • Remind your child that they’re not alone. Nearly everybody feels behind in school this year. Hang in there and just do your best!
  • Help your child know what to expect. Find out the school’s policies this year. What’s different about lockers, classrooms, lunch or anything else?
  • Praise all your child’s efforts! Life’s more than grades. Recognize their curiosity, kindness and bravery.
  • Pay attention to your own anxiety. Kids can sense anxiety. Talk to other adults to ease worry and get professional help if you need it.
  • Get enough sleep. Preschoolers need 11-12 hours, school-aged kids need 10 hours and teens need 9-10 hours.
  • Schedule quality time together. Just 1 hour makes a difference. Here’s a topic of conversation: What are you most excited about this year?
  • Encourage daily movement. Children need 1 hour of physical activity a day- riding a bike, a dance party or whatever gets them moving.
  • Keep a routine. Waking up and going to bed at the same time every day improves mental health. (This goes for adults too!)
  • Identify ways to calm stress. Taking deep breaths or holding something comforting in your hand (like a smooth rock) can quietly relieve stress.
  • Just ask! Ask your child if they’re worried about being back in the classroom. Be a good listener and support them.

The VCSD Counseling Department has a mission to help all students succeed through academic, career and social/emotional support services. More information about the services we provide throughout the year is available on our webpage