Athletics Code of Conduct

Extracurricular Activities Code of Conduct

Student & Parent/Guardian Agreement

Position Statement

This Extracurricular Activities Code of Conduct is intended to be specific enough to provide uniform baseline expectations for all students participating in any extra-curricular activity. At the same time, it is the intention of the Board of Education to provide a Code of Conduct that allows for discretionary judgment when appropriate to protect student rights.

A student’s primary responsibility is the successful completion of his/her educational program. A parent, teacher, coach, advisor, guidance counselor, or principal has the option of requesting a conference when, in their judgment, they believe that a temporary or permanent suspension from participation in a particular activity is in the best interest of the student. This carries with it no penalty as far as making a student ineligible for further extracurricular activities.

Student involvement in the extracurricular program shall be deemed to be an acceptance of a lifestyle which supports the philosophy that a student should have a sound, healthy mind and body and the responsibility and commitment associated with this philosophy.

In addition, students participating in all school activities are obligated to comply with any and all conditions set forth in the District’s Code of Conduct (Policy #5300), and any charter, constitution, or by-laws which govern the organization and operation of school clubs, societies, or activities. It should be understood that this Extracurricular Activities Code of Conduct does not preclude disciplinary action under the District’s Code of Conduct, or the enforcement of conditions set forth in any charters, by-laws, or contracts associated with these activities, so long as it is not inconsistent with this Code.

Voorheesville Central School District requires participants in extracurricular activities and their parent/guardian to attend a mandatory Code Night. The Code Night will occur annually on the first Wednesday evening of the fall sports season at 7:00 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center. Student athletes and their parent/guardian will sign an agreement, which states that they understand and agree to abide by the Extracurricular Activities Code of Conduct. Once signed, students are accountable to the terms of the Extracurricular Activities Code of Conduct for a period of one calendar year, inclusive of vacations, as well as off-season. A student who violates the Code of Conduct prior to a season will start that season with the appropriate suspension.

Discipline Code for Student Behavior

A student shall be subject to disciplinary action in relation to the following, including conduct which occurs outside of any school-related activity:

  1. Being under the influence of an alcoholic beverage, drinking an alcoholic beverage, or being in possession of an alcoholic beverage. Alcoholic beverages shall mean and include alcohol, spirits, liquor, wine, beer, and cider having alcoholic content.
  2. The use, possession, sale or gift of any drug or controlled substance, including marijuana, or any instruments for the use of such drugs, controlled substance or marijuana, such as a pipe, syringe, or other paraphernalia. Excepted is any drug taken in accordance with a current prescription signed by a physician that is to be taken by that particular student at the time in question.
  3. Smoking a cigarette, cigar or pipe, or using chewing or smokeless tobacco.
  4. Posting cyber images on any site that reflects, encourages, or condones any student usage of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.
  5. The use of any performance enhancing substances. Substances shall mean products that are anabolic in nature and also substances classified in the Drol drug or Drol supplements category.

First Violation

  • Parents of student will be informed.
  • Suspension from attendance at all extracurricular activities for twenty (20) consecutive school days. Student must leave campus at the end of the regular day unless directed otherwise by an administrator.
  • Student will be recommended to a counseling resource.
  • For a first offense, the term of suspension may be reduced from twenty (20) to ten (10) days if documentation that the student has participated in an evaluation by a health care professional is provided.
  • Any student that admits an infraction and is a first offender may waive consequences if they agree to participate in a drug and/or alcohol assessment performed by the school psychologist. Based on this assessment, the parents and/or guardians must meet with the school psychologist to be advised of his/her recommendations, which may include counseling, treatment, etc.

Second Violation

  • Parents of student will be informed.
  • Suspension from attendance at all extracurricular activities for thirty (30) consecutive school days, or for the remainder of the current extracurricular activity or sports season, whichever is longer.
  • Student must leave campus at the end of the regular school day unless directed otherwise by an administrator.
  • Student will be recommended to a counseling resource.
  • Re-instatement conference with an administrator and parent must be held before the student returns to the extracurricular activity.

Third Violation

  • Student will be suspended from all extracurricular activities for the remainder of their high school career; however, a student may apply for reinstatement to activities after one year of suspension. Application for reinstatement must be in writing to the High School Principal under the following terms:
    1. Documentation of completion of counseling in a drug/alcohol rehabilitation program must be provided.
    2. Student must agree to participate in drug/alcohol screening at their own expense.

NOTE: If a student is found to have broken the law on school property or during a school-sponsored event, the appropriate law enforcement agency will be contacted.

Appeals Process

The same appeal process will be used for this Extracurricular Activities Code of Conduct as is used for the Students Guidelines.

Revisions approved by the Board of Education: Sept. 9, 2013