Young Learners at VCSD Get Up Close with Firefighters for Fire Prevention Month

Firefighters with students using a hose.During Fire Prevention Month, the New Salem Fire Department conducted a special visit with grade 1 students at VCSD. Emergency vehicles were on display as firefighters delivered important fire safety messages. The students learned about procedures like “stop, drop, and roll” and the significance of smoke alarms.

Firefighters with students.Students had the opportunity to observe the firefighters in their gear, which was worn to help foster a sense of trust and safety. Principal Jeff Vivenzio says the students were wide-eyed with wonder.

“They got to see the firefighters in their gear, demystifying the image of these everyday heroes and instilling a sense of trust and safety,” said Vivenzio. “The visit left an indelible impression on the students, ensuring that they carry the knowledge of fire safety with them throughout their lives.”

Firefighters with students .