Yearbook Update: Namestamps, Ads and Angels

Work continues on making the 2024 edition of the yearbook a meaningful tribute to our students and our school. There are some important updates and deadlines that students, parents, guardians and members of the community should be aware of.

The 2024 Clayton A. Bouton yearbook is only available for guaranteed purchase until we sell out (we have already sold 85%)! Extra books will not be available in June. To purchase this year’s Torch, go to When prompted to enter the school name, type “Clayton,” and our high school will be the first option. The price is $45.

Deadline for Namestamps: 

The deadline for namestamps is Friday, January 26 – any namestamps purchased after that date will automatically be processed as adhesive iTags. 

Deadline for Ads (Personal & Business):  

The deadline for both personal and business ads is Friday, March 1. You can design your own for either/or and submit them directly to  

Yearbook Angels: 

Calling all yearbook angels: Sponsor a yearbook for a deserving student at YEARBOOKFOREVER.COM Angel wings on blue backgroundIf you’re interested in sponsoring a Clayton A. Bouton yearbook for a child who otherwise wouldn’t be getting one, become a Yearbook Angel.

For Yearbook Angel sponsorships, head to to purchase, enter “Yearbook” for student first name, “Angel” for last name, and “Staff” for grade. The Torch staff will make sure it goes to a deserving student.

“We have an amazing, supportive community and are lucky to have generous folks who come forward to help in times of need,” said Shannon Spollen.

The Torch is a student-made publication of Clayton A. Bouton High School. Students working under the supervision of English teacher Shannon Spollen produce the Torch in a club learning environment. Students and staff gather the pictures before, during, and after school hours. Every effort is made to ensure the high school yearbook is holistic, objective, and accurate. Although the publication is thoroughly proofread and edited, the Yearbook Club sincerely apologizes in advance for any omissions, misspellings, mis-attributes, or other mistakes during this educational editorial process.

If you have any questions, please contact Spollen at