Middle School Clubs and Activities

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The following is a list of clubs and organizations available to students in grades 6-8.

Blackbird TVF

Advisor: Mrs. Shauna Worthley, sworthley@voorheesville.org

Blackbird TV produces the morning announcements that are shown to all middle school students, every day, throughout the school year.  Students film and assist in editing each day’s announcements, which are then streamed to classrooms.  Students from 6th, 7th, and 8th grade are welcome to join, but spots are limited and dependent on students’ schedules.  Even though the announcements are produced every day, our schedule rotates so that each student may contribute only once per week.  Most of the work is done during the school day, but filming may be after school one day per week so students may need to stay after school.

Builders Club

Advisor: Ms. Jamie Mercier, jmercier@voorheesville.org

The Middle School Builder’s Club meets twice a month and more often, if needed. The purpose of the club is to serve others and have fun while doing it. Members can look forward to service projects and working with Kiwanis. Meetings are announced on the P.A. All middle school students are welcome to join. Builder’s Club is looking for members who are leaders, demonstrate commitment and possess the desire to follow through with projects.

Drama Club

Advisor: Mrs. Desiree Chappelle, dchappelle@voorheesville.org

All middle school students are welcome to join MS Drama Club.  A series of after school theater workshops will occur before actual auditions begin for the school play. Students will learn a variety of theater terms, techniques and games that will include topics such as pantomime, voice projection and stage presence. Meetings will occur once a week and more often when production time is near.

Odyssey of the Mind

Advisor: TBA

Odyssey of the Mind is comprised of student teams who participate in a creative, problem-solving competition.

Student Council

Advisor: Mrs. Jessica Bradshaw,  jbradshaw@voorheesville.org

The Middle School Student Council discusses issues of concern to students in grades 6-8. They will also be planning some service activities, which are open to all students in grades 6-8. Officers, representatives and alternates are elected. Representatives and alternates are elected from their social studies classes.

Teen Book Club

Advisor:  Mrs. Menetti, cmenetti@voorheesville.org

The Middle School Book Club is a program sponsored by the Voorheesville Public Library and held after school in the Middle School Library each month alternating talking about the books we are reading on our own with a group read that is provided to those who attend the meetings. Book related snacks will be served. For additional information, please visit the Voorheesville Public Library website.

Yearbook Club

Advisor:  Ms. Rachel Kramer,  rkramer@voorheesville.org

Yearbook club is responsible for producing the Middle School yearbook.  As the year progresses members will be involved in the organization and layout of the yearbook, as well as editing and taking of pictures for the book.  Students will use the computer and related software to manage the organization and editing of each aspect of the yearbook.  Meetings will be held twice a month, and more often as the time of publication draws near.

MS Jazz Band

Advisor:  Mr. Brian Kaplan, bkaplan@voorheesville.org

The Voorheesville Middle School Jazz Ensemble (MSJE) is a performance-based ensemble meant to introduce 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students to the various styles of swing, funk, Latin, pop, and rock music.  In addition to learning to play the music, students learn a basic chord/scale theory of improvisation.  The intention of the program is to give students the confidence and skills to express themselves musically at a young age.

MS/HS Art Club

Advisor:  Mrs. Erin Parks, eparks@voorheesville.org

Art Club is for students who want to explore and express their creative ideas in a judgment free and helpful environment.  Activities vary but may include helping with the set designs for our MS and HS plays, group projects, individual creativity, and learning from visiting artists.

Guitar Club

Advisor:  Mr. Joseph Iannotti, jiannotti@voorheesville.org

Students do not need to have a guitar or any playing experience to be in this club.

Dance Club

Advisor:  Mrs. Jennifer Fuld, jfuld@voorheesville.org

This is a combination high school/middle school club.

Game Club

Advisor: Mr. Dan Bartoszek, dbartoszek@voorheesville.org

Available to all students, Game Club gives students the opportunity to play board and card games after school with their peers. It’s an opportunity to socialize and have fun!

Visibility Club

Advisor: Mrs. Jamie Gray, jgray@voorheesville.org

Visibility Club is a GSA for people in the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. Goals include fun social activities, such as movie events and crafting; activism, such as raising money for the Trevor Project, which provides mental health resources for the LGBTQ+ community; and education, such as sharing the different pride flags during pride month, and making a gallery of art and poetry to highlight LGBTQ+ artists. Most importantly, the club provides a safe space for members, where they know they will be accepted and heard.


Equity Club

Advisor:  Mrs. Kate Hutchison, khutchison@voorheesville.org

The focus is to promote respect, inclusion, diversity and equity. The promotion of student voice as we share and learn about different cultures, religions, communities and impactful people is our goal.