VMS Yearbooks On Sale Now!


Pre-Order Deadline:  May 15, 2023  (If you miss the pre-order deadline, you will still be able to order a 2023 yearbook. The only stipulations are that you will have to pay to have the book shipped to your house and you will NOT be able to personalize the book).

Prices:  Softcover:  $15.00  /  Hardcover:  $25.00

Online orders ONLY this year:

Visit https://store.shopyearbook.com/voorheesvillemiddleschoolyearbook2023

Enter Code:  VMS2023


PERSONALIZATION – Make it YOUR yearbook!

First 4 personalized pages = $5.00.

Additional 8 pages – $1.50 / each

Personalization needs to be completed by pre-order date – May 15th


**Please note that this is a secure site.  (If you receive a message about this being a non-secure site, read below.)

The actual order section of the yearbook site is a secure setting. After the first couple of steps, you will get a cart link that is a secure https site.  This page is where the important information for ordering is added.

The non-secure warning that comes up has to do with Google Chrome and their certificate.  It has been confirmed with our Technology Director. It is safe to order.

When it says in Google that it’s questionable, click the “advanced” button on the left side and then the link across the bottom that says proceed to: with the website listed.


To view the VMS Yearbook Flyer, click on the link below.

VMS Yearbook 2022-23 Flyer