VCSD conducting traffic study for proposed bus garage

On Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2022, VCSD residents will head to the polls to vote on two capital project propositions totaling $27.2 million. 

The first proposition going before voters includes a project to build a new bus garage on the south side of Martin Road, adjacent to the existing high school/middle school property. The proposed facility would include parking spaces for 17 passenger cars, 17 half-size buses, and 17 full-size buses. Access is proposed via three full access driveways to Martin Road. 

To explore the impact, if any, the facility will have on area traffic, the district will be conducting a traffic study and share the findings with the New York State Department of Transportation (NYS DOT), district engineers and architects to make any recommendations.

Q: What will the traffic study entail?

The traffic study will involve a number of scope items such as site visits (to collect existing turning movement counts) at the above intersections; traffic counts will be collected during the morning peak period and afternoon peak period (based on bus schedules); spot speed measurements will be collected to determine operating speeds in the area; and any additional data to analyze traffic operations, including roadway geometry, speed limits and traffic control at the study area intersections will be collected as needed.