Spotlight on Career and Technical Education

Voorheesville students attending Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical Education are gaining expertise and preparing for careers in Automotive, Building Trades, Electrical, Fashion and more.

With an emphasis on hands-on learning, students are mastering essential skills for in-demand careers.

Here are some VCSD student observations about what they have been learning this year and their career goals.

Emily Grace Michaud uses a hammer and awl on wood. Other students are in the background.Emily Grace Michaud, enrolled in the Building Trades program, says she wants to work the union after graduation. She says her time with BOCES has been a good fit for her:

“I hope to do framing, definitely something hands-on and working with wood,” said Michaud. “I like the fact that at BOCES you get to work with your hands. I can’t just sit around all day.”

Tyler Andres works on wiring.Tyler Andres is a student in Electrical Trades and has plans to continue study after high school graduation.

“I like how challenging Electrical Trades is and how useful the skills we learn are in the real world,” said Andres. “I plan to go to HVCC and join the apprenticeship program.”

Joe Coluccio works at Snap-on tools box.Joe Coluccio is moving along well in the Auto program.

“I like that I come here and learn skills that I can use in the real world,” Coluccio said.

VCSD continues to support students attending Capital Region BOCES as they gain firsthand insights into their chosen fields and begin establishing career networks.