Igniting Curiosity: PTA Science Fair Returns on March 12

The PTA Science Fair returns to the elementary school on March 12, from 6:30 to 8 p.m.. The event provides students with an opportunity to go beyond simply learning about science to actually performing science through experimentation and research. Students pick a topic, conduct an experiment and share their results. 

Science Fair is a non-competitive event.  All participating students receive a ribbon and certificate. About 10 students who demonstrate excellence in formulating a question and using the scientific method will receive a letter of recognition. Visiting scientists will spend time with each student to discuss their projects.

Students may work individually or in pairs, but larger groups are discouraged. PTA Science Fair Coordinators Bridget Frymire and Stacey Warrings are excited about the ways the fair will spark ideas for students.

“This type of hands-on, problem-based learning increases understanding, retention, and self-directed learning,” remarked Warrings. “We welcome even the youngest students; they can do descriptive, exploratory work or projects in which variable(s) are manipulated. We encourage more scientific work from the older students.” 

Students should sign-up by: March 6.

Additional information and guidelines are available here.