Foundation Aid Increase Use Information

For the 2022-23 school year, VCSD received a foundation aid increase of $600,630.

Voorheesville CSD always strives to include all costs in the budget that will address the needs of the students while not overburdening the property taxpayers. This year, we were aided by the significant increase in foundation aid and were able to be below the tax cap allowable amount.

There was a hearing during the June 9, 2022 Board of Education meeting to review the plan and receive public input which is stated below and transmitted to the state.

If there are any questions about this plan, please contact Jim Southard at 518-765-3313 x102 or

Increasing graduation rates and eliminating the achievement gap

Plan Summary: $125,000 for new courses at middle school level to provide additional options and potential tracks for secondary students to meet graduation requirements and providing budgetary support for 1:1 technology plan and new classroom technology to effectively educate students.

Reducing class size.

Plan Summary: $115,000 for one new section at Elementary School with teacher and teaching assistant.

Providing supports for students who are not meeting, or who are at risk of not meeting, state learning standards in core academic subject areas.

Plan Summary: $105,000 for new reading program at elementary school and professional development to implement it.

Addressing student social-emotional health.

Plan Summary: $80,630 for Social worker position (transferring from federal funds) to address social-emotional health.

Providing adequate resources to English language learners, students with disabilities, and students experiencing homelessness.

Plan Summary: $175,000 in increases to BOCES and local Special education costs.

Goals and ratios for pupil support.

Plan Summary: The social worker position provides additional support for the students. The two new sections in the elementary will reduce class sizes to about 20-21 per section based on current projections of enrollment. The new middle school position will provide additional options for students to complete their required work for graduation. This will also assist in social-emotional health by providing more options that will connect with student interests and abilities.