BIRDS in Action

Following the launch of the BIRDS motto (Be Inclusive, Responsible, Determined and Strong) last fall, VCSD has continued to embed those core values into every facet of the school life. The motto was born of discussions within the District Advisory Committee, which is a shared decision-making group composed of staff, students, and parents. 

Students have made impressive strides in bringing the motto to life. For example, grade five students Lucy and Dalya discussed how they’ve worked on being inclusive and determined.

“In school when we do partner work, I love working with my friends but I also will sometimes pick people I don’t normally hang out with because it’s good to get to know everybody, and I think it’s kind to be partners with someone you are not normally hanging out with,”  Lucy said.

“I always think of PE. I am not really the best at sports, but I think I get better every time I’m with my classmates because they teach me a lot of stuff around the school in sports, math and anything else. They encourage me to do better and in turn I encourage them back,” said Dalya about being determined.

Clara is in second grade. She talked about how the BIRDS motto is helping to maintain a positive and unified community.

“It helps us be friends with everyone,” said Clara.

Students are helping to bring the message to the greater community with two videos that demonstrate BIRDS culture.

Although the BIRDS motto is coming to the end of its inaugural year, the message will continue to be a focus next year.

“The words in our motto are a fantastic foundation,” said Superintendent Frank Macri. “Seeing students apply them daily highlights their remarkable character.”