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End of the Year Letter from Superintendent Macri

In any school year, the month of June brings with it the promise of renewal and time for reflection. This year, more than most any other, we will enjoy that summer respite, but we should also reflect on how much we have accomplished. When the pandemic ambushed us in March of 2020, we worked together and adapted to find a way to pull ourselves across the finish line. And with barely a moment to breathe, we began anticipating the 2020-21 school year; a year that would look different than any our district had ever faced before.

In March, without plans, training, or much in the way of resources, we scrambled together, working week by week, to determine what this new version of education would look like. As the dates for the emergency shut down continued to be extended, we didn’t waiver in our dedication to our students and school community. Without hesitation, our community came together and forged a new path, creating new opportunities and structures to support one another, as well as reimagining our much loved Blackbird traditions.

The accomplishments are endless: car parades, community food drives, extra-curricular activities, prom, graduation, activity days, fully remote instruction, a partnership with the Library and local businesses to create the “One Book One School” program, trivia nights, drama programs in each building, in-person ceremonies, and participation in athletic competitions, to name just a few. Every member of this Voorheesville team went above and beyond to ensure that students had opportunities, families had support, and that the district would continue to grow.

It is the district’s goal to return to in-person education for every student in September. We acknowledge, however, that a return from the pandemic will require us to consider the unique needs of both staff and students. Throughout the summer, we will be communicating our plans with the community and sharing any guidance that is provided from the state and national experts. When we begin the new school year, we will continue to focus on the district mission of providing a high level, challenging curriculum for all students, while making equity and inclusivity a priority goal.

Thanks to the dedication of our students, staff, Board of Education, parents, guardians, and community members, this year is one in which we can look back on with pride. Thank you for your continued support.

We are Voorheesville Strong, we are the Blackbirds, and together we will not fail.

Frank Macri
Superintendent of Schools