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District results of state-mandated lead testing

As required by New York state, Voorheesville Central School District tested faucets throughout the district for levels of lead. The district had all locations that were previously tested in 2016 resampled for thoroughness, understanding that areas already labeled as not suitable for drinking could come back with higher lead levels than state guidelines. During this testing, a number of faucets came back with levels above state guidelines, as noted on the reports attached below. However, all of these faucets except for one, Room 189 in the high school, were identified during testing in 2016 and marked as “Do Not Drink” faucets having non-potable water. These signs have remained in place since 2016, and these faucets are not used for drinking or food preparation.  

In light of these testing results, similar signage will also be posted on the faucet in Room 189. Please reach out to my office if you have any questions about these results.

Attached is a letter sent to district families regarding the testing.

Here are the district's lead testing results from 2016.