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School budget update-Thank you to Assemblymember Fahy and to the Community

To the Voorheesville School District Community, 

In May, the community came out in overwhelming numbers and voted.   We are grateful for your support of our school district and the students that our community serves.  As you may know, for this coming school year (2019 – 2020), the district had several budget challenges.  We are writing to keep you apprised of the current budget status and what the district is doing regarding budget planning for 2020 – 21.  The Board and Interim Superintendent have already begun discussing the 2020-21 budget that we will be asking the community to vote on next May, and we invite you to attend board meetings to listen to these conversations and the discussions regarding what our budgets mean for our schools and our students.


In response to the budget discussions this past season, Assemblymember Patricia Fahy was contacted by the administrators, the board, and by many members of our community. She understands our needs and was able to obtain a one-time grant of $100,000 for our district. That aid will help in several ways. A teacher was restored to the elementary school so the incoming kindergarten class will have a fifth section, greatly reducing class size.  The funds will also support a portion of a high school social studies teacher. This will continue support of high quality course offerings to students at the high school and alleviate splitting a position in the middle school.  At the August board meeting, we will be discussing the use of the remaining grant funds. Again, a huge thank you to Assemblymember Fahy for championing Voorheesville; it is making a big difference to our small district.

Thank you to all of you for caring and participation. We look forward to our work together in the future.


The Voorheesville Central School District Board of Education