• MySchoolBucks is a secure, easy-to-use online system that allows parents to create and monitor food service accounts for their children.

    Once logged in, parents can view information specific to their children and the food service accounts, including a 90-day history of food purchases and how much money is left in the accounts. Parents may also deposit money directly into their children's accounts using a charge card or debit card. Parents will need their child’s student ID number to register on the mySchoolBucks Web site.

    The mySchoolBucks payment system works like a debit plan (but without a debit card) meaning users deposit money into an account and the cost of each meal is deducted from the account. Parents and staff can deposit as much as they want into the accounts, but there is no discount for paying in advance.

    For information on the mySchoolBucks payment system and mySchool Bucks accounts, click on the link below. 

    If you have questions about mySchoolBucks, please contact:

    Paul Franchini

    518-765-3314, ext. 120