• As a result of recent events involving destructive decisions, members of the Voorheesville community recognize the need for action.  Spearheaded by Voorheesville Risk Behavior Task Force, plans have been made to form a community coalition initiative.  The Voorheesville Community Alliance for Healthy Choices (VCAHC) will be a collaborative coalition including representatives/individuals from:

    • local government

    • the Voorheesville Central School District

    • law enforcement

    • parents

    • community members

    • students

    • community organizations

    From surveys conducted of Voorheesville Middle School and High School students in Fall 2013 we learned the following information:

    • One in five students have ridden in a car driver by someone who has been drinking

    • Middle school students report that they are beginning to experiment with drugs and alcohol

    • Since the initial high school survey in 2009, there has been no significant improvement in reported student risk behaviors

    • Forty high school students report trying marijuana for the first time by age 13.

    THE VCAHC will take a proactive stance with the goal to reduce and eliminate destructive decisions.  The VCAHC will provide resources, organize speakers, and offer a range of summer and year-round educational programs.

    Look for upcoming VCAHC meeting dates on SNN.  For more information and any questions, please contact Joseph Sapienza at 765-3314 ext. 208 orjsapienza@voorheesville.org.