• Statement of Residency

    Please understand that should there be a change in your residence, you must notify the district within seven (7) days of such change of address and provide proof of such change (house deed/lease) to the district registrar.  If this new address is not within Voorheesville Central School District boundaries, your child(ren) will be ineligible to attend Voorheesville Central School District.


    Kindergarten Registration

    Children must be five years of age on or before December 1, 2021, in order to register for kindergarten in the 2021-2022 school year. All registrations begin at the Voorheesville Elementary School Main Office.

    Register a kindergarten student here.

    At the time of registration, parents or legal guardians must present the following:

    • Child’s original birth certificate with raised seal

    • Three (3) proofs of residency

    • Parent’s driver’s license

    • Any relevant custody papers

    For more information about required immunizations, click here.

    For additional information about registration, please contact Ms. Corinna Parker in the Voorheesville Elementary School Office at (518) 765-2382 or cparker@voorheesville.org.

    New Student Registration

    Parents should contact the elementary school principal Jeffrey Vivenzio, by visiting Voorheesville Elementary School, 129 Maple Road, Voorheesville, NY 12186, or by calling the building’s main office at (518) 765-2382. Parents will be given a registration packet.

    Students are required to submit a minimum of three documents that verify they are legal residents of the Voorheesville Central School District. The following are examples of acceptable documents:

    • If renter, original lease, which includes landlord’s name, address and telephone number OR if new home-owner, original contract to build or buy, which includes seller realtor and name/address of realtor

    • Electric bill with current name and address

    • License and car registration with current name and address

    • Paycheck with current name and address

    • Certificate of occupancy issued by town/village

    • Automobile insurance policy with current name and address

    • Credit Union account statement with current name and address

    • Voter registration card with current name and address

    After completing the registration packet and gathering the three residency documents, the next step is to bring this information to the child’s new school, along with the child’s birth certificate with seal from court (not hospital) or certified copy, health and immunization records, last report card or transfer notice, and any standardized test scores.

    In some cases proof of guardianship may also be required. The following are examples of acceptable proof:

    • Court papers, if granting custody

    • Two sets of documents, in assuming custody of a child - one document by parent transferring custody and one by person assuming custody

    • STAC Form, in case of homelessness

    • HUD Section 8 Housing

    • D.S.S. Benefit Certificate

    • Letter of permission from non-custodial parent

    For more information on new student registration, please contact:

    • Jessica Tabakian in the Superintendent’s Office at (518) 765-3313, Ext. 101

    • Corinna Parker in the Voorheesville Elementary School (Grades K-5) at (518) 765-2382, Ext. 504

    • The Clayton A. Bouton Middle/High School Guidance Department at (518) 765-3314, Ext. 201 or 202