• Mr. Brian Hunt



    May 17, 2018


    Dear Voorheesville Community:  


    When I began with the District, the Board noted its concerns that there were no longer term strategic plans to manage the district’s infrastructure needs and identified the policy direction focused on the development of a capital project plan.  Over the course of the past two years, we developed an initial plan and held a series of public forums where the public provided us with positive and constructive input and creative ideas on tackling some of the issues before us.  This work culminated in the final capital project plan that was presented for your approval on Tuesday night.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for its strong show of support for our plan that will allow us to effectively address the District’s capital needs while limiting the impact of those expenditures on the program we are able to offer to our students.   



    Brian Hunt




    Voorheesville Developing Plan for Capital Project in 2017-18


                The Voorheesville School District is planning for a vote on a Capital Project in May 2018.  The primary focus of this project is repairs and renovations to district schools.  The District Facilities Committee has reviewed the Building Condition Survey conducted in 2016 to select the most critical items for inclusion in the Capital Project.  The full Building Condition Survey may be found on the district website, under the quick file library here:


    Building Condition Survey


                The items targeted for inclusion in the Capital Project and their estimated costs are listed below:



    Estimated Costs

    Background Information

    New Boilers for All Schools


    Current boilers are 25 to 30 years old

    New Roof on Older Section of the ES


    Roof section 20 years old, out of warranty

    New Windows in the Older Section of the HS


    Windows date from 1950s and 60s

    HS Unit Ventilators in the Older Section of the HS


    Ventilators date from 1950s and 60s

    HS Temperature Control System


    System obsolete – dates from 1950s – 70s

    MS/HS Fire Alarm System


    System dates from 1970s, not addressable

    PAC, LGI, MS Gym upgrades


    LED Lights for PAC, sound deadening for LGI, lights for gym

    MS/HS Kitchen upgrades


    Replace old steam table and oven

    Total for all BCS Items


    Upgrade and replace old items


                In addition to the Building Condition Survey Items, the Facilities Committee has identified needed facilities improvements in Science and Technology classrooms to provide students with better learning environments.  The items, costs, and rationale are listed below:



    Estimated Costs

    Background Information

    Renovate 2 HS Earth Science Labs


    Labs are cramped and have inefficient layout

    Renovate the MS Technology Lab


    Lab is cramped and has inefficient layout

    Convert a maintenance area to a Maker Space


    Enhance instructional space for technology and for community use

    Total of Above Items


    Improve  instructional spaces


                The district is exploring the option of housing its bus maintenance department in part of the Albany County Department of Public works facility on Route 85A.  This would avoid the cost of building a new bus garage, which had been estimated at $6.8 million.


    To keep up to date on the progress of our Capital Project, visit the capital project page here:


    Capital Project Page

    Voorheesville Continues the Strategic Planning Process for 2016-17 

    The Voorheesville Central School District will continue the strategic planning process during the 2016-17 school year.  The school district will engage parents, staff and community members in a comprehensive review of district performance data, and will discuss the goals and strategies to move the district forward.  The strategic planning process is outlined in the presentation below:
    Please visit this page in the future for updates on the process, and contact the superintendent Brian Hunt at bhunt@voorheesville.org if you have any questions or ideas about the strategic planning process.

    2015-2016 Strategic Plan Process 
    Strategic Plan Draft  Powerpoint  5/18/2016
    Voorheesville Strategic Plan  Powerpoint
    Enrollment Strategic Plan  Powerpoint  8/24/2015
    Course Enrollment Strategic Plan  Powerpoint 9/21/15
    State Assessment 3-8 Data   Powerpoint 9/21/15
    Community Forum September 30th   Powerpoint 9/30/15
    Exceptional Needs Presentation   Powerpoint 10/19/15
    Facilities and Safety Updates    Powerpoint 12/14/15
    Financial Data Strategic Plan    PDF of Powerpoint(revised)1/26/16
    Preliminary Budget Information   Powerpoint 1/25/16 
    Athletic Program Strategic Plan  Powerpoint 3/7/16