• Community Service Hours 



    Voorheesville Central School District values its connection with the community and as such, encourages students to participate in community service events. 

    All seniors are required to log at least 15 hours of community service for graduation. 


    How do I enter my hours?

    To enter your hours, click here: Community Service Log

    How do I know how many hours I have logged? 

    You should receive a response receipt each time you log hours.  You will also receive an email every 5-weeks with an update of the number of hours you have submitted. 

    An Invitation to Community Members

    In an effort to help build relationships and to open opportunities for community service, please let us know how we can help you.  We can post opportunities for students and/or we can make arrangements for students to complete service activities for you on campus, i.e. stuffing envelopes, putting labels on a mailing, packing swag bags, etc.