• Board of Education Policies
    As defined by New York State Education Law, policies are the means by which a school board leads and governs its school district.  Policies form the bylaws and rules for the governance of the district and serve as the standards to which the board, administration, and students are held accountable.  A board's policies ensure that the school district performs its established mission and operates in an effective, uniform manner.  Policies are legally binding and serve as the local law of the school district. 
    The Board of Education Policy and Governance Committee assists the Superintendent in maintaining policies by participating in a preliminary review of new or updated policies, and assisting in matters pertaining to policy
    Online Policy Manual
    Through the New York State School Boards Association, the district maintains an online policy manual so all policies are accessible to the community.  Policies can be accessed through the following link:http://boardpolicyonline.com/?b=voorheesville 


    Policies Under Review