• Clayton A. Bouton High School and Voorheesville Middle School offers a challenging and diverse program to approximately 780 students in grades 6-12.

    Supported by a dynamic and caring administration, faculty, and staff, students have the opportunity for acceleration, distance learning, early graduation, college study at local colleges, independent study, internships, university credit in fourth year Foreign Language classes, Statistics, Economics, Biology, Calculus, American History, World History, Statistics, Environmental Science and English Literature, as well as advanced placement courses in American History, Biology, Calculus AB, Economics, English Literature, and Environmental Science.

    The majority of the students are college bound, with 90 percent of the students in the last three years attending college after graduation.

    Besides graduating academically prepared students, Voorheesville strives to produce leaders who are well-rounded citizens. Extracurricular activities are valued, and our students have the opportunity to participate in our athletics program, community involvement programs and many organizations/clubs. There also is an active drama program and over 60 percent of the students are in chorus and/or band.

    "A Commitment to Excellence with a Tradition of Quality" is a phrase that aptly describes the district's high school. Students are valued and nurtured with demands for excellence in all phases of their learning. Together parents, administrators, teachers and staff work to educate the total child.