High School Student Quarantine Instructional Plan 2021-2022

Voluntary Quarantine

 If a student is out for voluntary quarantine or while waiting for test results, the student will be able to make up the work when they are feeling better and return to school.  

    • If you would like to request the missing work, please contact your child’s teacher and we will make arrangements for you to pick up that work from the main office. Your child may also check their teacher’s google classroom page. 

Mandatory Quarantine

If a student is going to be out due to a mandatory quarantine, your child will be assigned classwork and assignments through their google classroom and/or printed materials.  

  • Quarantined students will be assigned a staff member and will provide quarantine instruction. As noted above students will be completing their work via Google Classroom. 
  • Staff will schedule a time to meet with your student to make sure they have all of the materials and assignments and are set to begin working.  
  • Staff will set up Google Meets with students in small groups, if students are quarantined from the same class or 1:1 based on the situation. During this time, staff will review the work from the day, answer questions, and re-teach any skills or concepts that students are not understanding.  
  • If a student with special education services is under mandatory quarantine, our special education providers will contact our families directly to discuss services and the instructional plan.  

As always, if you have any specific questions related to your child’s situation, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or Principal Shea.