• If in a red/orange zone and the school decides to “test out” per the Interim Guidance on COVID-19 Test-Out for Public and Non-Public Schools Located in Areas Designated as “Red or Orange Micro-Cluster Zones” Under the New York State Micro-Cluster Action Initiative, all school employees would be part of the testing requirements (both 100% and 25%) prior to the school reopening for in-person instruction. Any positive faculty or staff member would not be permitted to reenter the school. 


    School workers (teachers and faculty) who must gain entry to a school building for the purposes of providing remote instruction, preparing meals, and facilitating the effective operation of the school during remote instruction, are not required to receive a COVID test result prior to gaining entry to the building. While that is the best practice, it is not a requirement. Such workers are allowed to continue their activities in red, orange, and yellow zones while student instruction remains remote.