• Special Education 

    Students with Disabilities will follow the same model as their general education peers, with the support of their special education teacher. The district is exploring additional in-person instruction for students 7-12. Related services (speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, school counseling) will be scheduled and prioritized in accordance with each child’s individualized education plan. 

    Students’ educational teams will work together to provide all the necessary program accommodations/modifications to ensure equal access to the instructional material for both in-person and remote learning.

    Staff will be in regular communication with students' parents/ guardians in regards to their child's engagement and progress. We encourage families to remain in close contact and communicate with the child's special education teacher, related service providers, building principal, and PPS Director to ensure your child continues to participate and progress in the general education curriculum and make progress towards achieving individualized goals. 

    For those students who are receiving special education programs and services through BOCES, an approved school-age program at a private school or through approved preschool providers, we continue to remain in close contact with all educational agencies and municipalities regarding the planned activities, nature, and delivery of instruction and related services to identify shared resources, materials, and technology available as appropriate.

    Individualized determinations will be made through the CPSE/CSE committees whether, and to what extent compensatory services are to be provided for any student with a disability who may have experienced a loss of skill(s) despite best intentions, efforts, and creative solutions when providing educational programs and services during the previous school closure. To the extent a student can not attend in-person instruction, remote learning will be provided.

    If it continues to be necessary to communicate and share documents via email, the CSE/CPSE will obtain consent from parents. Whether services are provided in-person, remote, and or through a hybrid model parents we will continue to receive written progress towards students goals quarterly.

    At this time 504/CSE/CPSE will continue to be held virtually. Parents have a legal right to be informed regarding identification, evaluation, educational placement, and provision of services. Please refer to the NYSED Procedural Safeguards Notice July 2017 at  www.nysed.gov.

    For all questions or concerns regarding Special Education contact: Karen Jones, Pupil Personnel Director KJones@voorheesville.org